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In our previous blog, we talked about some of the best places to gamble around the world. Some of these places included Singapore, France, and of course, the United States. In this blog, we will talk about some of the worst countries to go to gamble — for whatever reason that may be. We are judging this off of total annual losses on gambling and the quality of the casinos.


Ireland is full of delicious beer and beautiful greenery, but they are also struggling to regulate gambling in the country. In this country, only registered member’s clubs are legally entitled to provide casino services. Regarding gaming machines, bets are allowed below six pence, while gaming rewards are only allowed up to 10 shillings. Sounds regulated, right? But, there is a catch.

The country’s currency has not been in use as a legal tender since 1999. This leaves a loophole for the casinos and gambling activities to flourish. Adults can lose an average of $588 to gambling. Ireland is currently dealing with this situation. Even though Ireland is gorgeous, has a fantastic culture, and excellent drinks, maybe go to the other side of the isle and gamble in London.


While we are on the topic of countries where you lose an incredible amount to gambling on average, Australia takes the crown as the highest number of average gambling debt. It is only natural to think that the United States would be wearing this crown since we are the most active gambling country globally. Still, a more in-depth look reveals that an adult who goes out and gambles in Australia loses an average of $1,128.

To help this, the Central Bank of Australia increased interest rates to try and help the gambling vice. Australia is making the necessary steps to combat this. They are passing a series of bills this year to help lower the gambling problem throughout the country. In 2006, they banned around 900 gamblers from participating, but those people were caught more than 1200 times between 2006 and 2010.


It is evident that you shouldn’t gamble in countries where gambling is illegal, but Qatar has some of the world’s strictest gambling laws. They don’t allow any form of gambling, and if caught, you could spend up to six months in prison with a fine of 6,000 Riyals (1600 USD). The fine isn’t too steep in all retrospect, but spending six months in a foreign jail doesn’t sound appealing, especially one in the desert.

United Arab Emirates

While we are on the topic of strict gambling laws in the world, the UAE has the same rules as Qatar, but with a more costly punishment. Almost all Islamic countries prohibit gambling in one form or another, but many turn the other way when it comes to online gambling. They either don’t care or don’t have the regulations in place to control it.

However, in the UAE, any type of gambling is considered illegal, and you could spend up to two years in prison. UAE even has the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority controlling all the internet content, preventing access to online casinos.

The United States is not on this list because even though we are the biggest gambling country in the world, we are extremely well regulated and don’t have a big gambling problem like Ireland or Australia. So maybe stick to inside our borders for gambling and go to casinos like ours at Montana Jacks. We have fun machines and games for you to gamble on, as well as a fantastic restaurant that serves delectable burgers, steaks, and beer. Look at our location menus today!