Fall is right around the corner here in Montana. We are at that time of year where you have to wear a sweatshirt in the morning but you’re sweating by noon. Fall time is absolutely beautiful in Montana and we want to help guide you to the perfect meal during this time of year. Whether you want an autumn appetizer before gambling or you’re having a fall fiesta and need catering services, Montana Jack is here for you!

The Patty Melt in Billington

If you are in or near Billington, our Patty Melt is warm and filling, making it perfect for a fall day or evening. We put our Certified Angus Beef burger topped with sauteed onions, 1000 island dressing, and swiss cheese. For us, what really makes this an autumn meal is the grilled rye toast holding this melt together. Rye bread has that nostalgic feeling that autumn can give you. Unfortunately, our Patty Melt is not offered in our Missoula location, but keep reading for recommendations in that location!

Chili and Chowder On A Chillie Afternoon in Missoula

There is a lot of comfort food out there and we feel like a classic is either chili or chowder. We offer both at our Missoula location. Nothing warms the soul quite like a bowl of chili or chowder during a brisk fall day. We offer both a cup or a bowl depending on how hungry you are or if you want our chile or chowder as a side or your main entree. Either way, we know our chile and chowder will warm and fill you up. Afterward, you can hang around with the family or go out and have fun gambling!

Our Pork Chop Sandwich in Both Locations

Like with all of our food, you can eat it whenever you like, this includes our Pork Chop Sandwich. We wanted to include our Pork Chop Sandwich on this list because this is a year-round dish, but it tastes especially good in the fall. The distinct and delicious aroma of a well made Pork Chop Sandwich makes us nostalgic for those orange and yellow days in September and October. This sandwich goes down amazingly with the numerous beers we have on tap. These two together will get you warmed for a fun night at our casino!

Sandwich With Our Soup

What’s cozier than dipping a tasty sandwich in a warm bowl of soup? We offer this at our Missoula location and are always ready to serve you with our amazing service. You can choose any sandwich and pair it with whatever our soup of the day is. This will go amazing while you gamble and get lucky! This is a great meal and everybody in the family will love this!

Crispy Chicken Alfredo

We offer our Crispy Chicken Alfredo at our Billings location. This hearty meal includes penne noodles tossed in our house alfredo sauce and is topped with chunks of crispy battered chicken, green onions, diced tomatoes, and parmesan. This is all served with one of our delectable sides. This goes perfectly with an autumn day because the steam will warm you up and the aroma will get your mouth watering.

These are just a few things off of our menu that compliments the upcoming weather we’re about to experience. Our menu is vast and diverse, so if none of these options fit your fancy, don’t worry! There isn’t one way to get into the fall spirit. Make sure to check out our Missoula menu and our Billings menu. Both of our locations come with casinos so make sure you bring something lucky! If there are any questions or concerns, also make sure to contact us!