1. The History Of Casinos

    The History Of Casinos Casino’s have had a long and storied history filled with many ups and downs. Much like your local casino here in Billings, they haven’t always been around as we know them today. Here is the short version of the history of casinos, as told by your favorite local casino in Billings, Montana. Earliest History The earliest recorded history of gambling began around 2300 B.C. …Read More

  2. Tipping Cultures in Casinos

    One of the most confusing things to new patrons when they come to a casino like Montana Jack’s is how much you actually need to tip. It is easy to figure out how much to tip a waiter or waitress, but when it comes to tipping your dealer in a casino, it can be hard to figure out what is best. You can’t simply calculate 20% out of your winnings because after all, that is a lot of money that you …Read More

  3. Five Things Not To Do In A Casino

    So you have a trip planned to Billings to go to the wonderful Montana Jacks, but you haven’t gone to a casino before? While going to a casino is a fun and novel vacation, you also have to know the etiquette of a casino. It is a very different environment from many other places. Most of the time it comes down to simply being courteous to fellow patrons, but, some things are completely different f…Read More

  4. Calorie Counting With Red Meat (Burgers, Steak and Everything Great)

    For many folks, meat of any kind is simply a needed option on their daily menu. So when you start counting calories or going on a diet to try and make yourself feel better during the day, it's normal to wonder whether all the red meat scares are true and you’ll have to give it up in order to be healthy. We’re here to tell you that, while the red meat scares have their roots in fact, they’re …Read More

  5. Use Montana Jack’s As An Excuse to Indulge In Family Time

    Family time is extremely underrated nowadays in the hustle and bustle of the digital age. Folks, unfortunately, value the one-on-one time they have with their Facebook app more than they do the time they get with their family members. While that’s not true for everyone, it can be hard for folks to prioritize themselves and their self-care over their daily responsibilities. In fact, many folks do…Read More

  6. Why That Weekly Restaurant Trip In Billings is Important

    It seems that, alongside red meat, eating out is under fire from the healthy minded among all of us. As you’re probably familiar with, Billings is a great mixture of vivacious young folks and older traditionalists, but surely we can all agree that Montana has some of the most delightful natural beauty in the entirety of the U.S. Being healthier can only help make those long hikes where you get t…Read More

  7. Ways to Save a Turkey’s Life This Thanksgiving

    We need to save the turkeys this Thanksgiving. Here is our plan of action Hello, everyone! Thanksgiving is a little under a week away and we at Montana Jacks couldn’t be more excited. We get to hang out with our families, listen to our older relatives rant about politics, and eat an uncomfortable amount of food in celebration of a time when some pilgrims finally decided to stop tormenting the na…Read More

  8. How to Cure a Vegetarian

    Do you know of a vegetarian? Here is what you can do to help them! What’s something that’s flavorful, delicious, hearty, and can be paired with anything short of chocolate cake? Meat, of course! However, it has come to our attention that a subgroup of people, probably from Colorado or California, have contracted a disease known as vegetarianism. While we don’t know too much about this diseas…Read More

  9. Things Worse Than a Burger

    Dismissing a burger for a diet? Consider these scenarios first. Some sorry souls out there are attempting this thing called a “diet.” So we’re not too sure what this elusive word means, but our Billings restaurant has deduced that it involves depriving the body of thick, juicy, burgers. When they come into Montana Jacks, they avoid our delectable burger selection at all costs, and we simply …Read More

  10. Top Breakfast Myths

    How much does breakfast actually matter? We hear all the time that it’s the most important meal of the day, but many Americans skip breakfast altogether! Read on to learn more about how our breakfast behaviors can affect our bodies and our energy. Myth: Breakfast is needed for weight loss. This isn’t necessarily true! When people are trying to lose weight, it doesn’t matter if they eat first…Read More