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Burgers are really good. It’s the food you think of when you smell sizzling meat on the air. It’s the food you can easily call to mind when you hear something searing on a grill. Burgers are wonderful. They’re a balanced compilation of taste and a harmony of flavors. But this isn’t an ode to burgers by themselves, this is a discussion of what exactly makes the perfect burger. While there may be certain things you like on your burger outside of the ordinary, there are always the basic building blocks. Like a house, the foundation is what matters most and in this case, that’s the fundamental principle of a burger, and how it is executed.

The Best Burger Bun

In some circles, the bun is merely glanced over, but it plays an important part in the success of a burger’s balance. Many believe that the brioche bun is the answer to all burger questions, but that seems pretty short-sighted to us. Brioche is a great bun for certain burgers, certainly, but to avoid the bread becoming soggy one might consider a better bread that would serve the delicious grease of the meat and rich sauces better. An unspoken piece of burger etiquette is how upsetting it can be when a bun falls apart and you’re forced to use your fork and knife instead of eating your burger like a sandwich. Montana Jacks serves our certified Angus beef burgers on a Montana Wheat bun that’s built to absorb but not crumble beneath your fingertips, rendering your burger as a sandwich instead of a sad mess.

The Key To Success

Many health-conscious folk will potentially cringe at this, but the taste of the burger is in the fat content. In fact, to get the juicy dream burger you’re thinking about, the meat should hit right around the 40% mark. With high-quality certified Angus beef, you’re already ringing in at the fat content. If you’re worried about the health risks of red meat and that high of a fat content, ease your mind by checking out the benefits of red meat and a healthy balance within your diet on our previous article.

The Best Burger’s Cheese

Many folks will wave their hand and say that American cheese is totally suitable for a burger, but they’re not paying enough attention to detail. Its reputation for going hand in hand with a burger is derived from its aptitude to melt to anything it brushes against. The cheese you want on your burger is one that you can actually taste because a burger is meant to be a divine balance of taste that expands your understanding of blending flavors. Now, it’s not really all that dramatic, but putting a piece of American cheese on meat as good as the beef we serve at Montana Jacks seems a touch defeatist. Instead, choose something like pepper jack or gorgonzola as featured on our Sante Fe Burger and 57 Bleu Cheez’d Burger.

The Best Burger’s Sauces

Here’s a tricky one that tends to verge into the category of preferences rather than foundational understandings. Much like if you were to compare hardwood to stone flooring in a house, while it’s still fundamental, it can be considered an opinion in many cases. Since this can have a tendency to turn into an argument, it might be best to speak in broad terms as to what makes a great sauce that will set a burger apart. The best practice in regard to choosing a sauce for your burger is to make sure it is a sauce, not a dressing. While there are exceptions to this rule, what you’re really looking for is a certain consistency from the liquid. You’re looking for thick, potential-filled sauces with complimenting and yet dominating flavors that will round out the flavor mixtures of your burger. Many people’s favorite for the sauce is to resort to mayonnaise which is a great, classic option. Other suggested sauces include mustard, ketchup, thousand islands, or even sour cream. If you’re feeling adventurous you might try chipotle mayo, garlic butter, or other more interesting sauces depending on the other compliments on your burger.

Past the previously mentioned things on our list, your burger requires no more foundational work. Once you have these elements ironed out, you’re firmly on your way to a truly great burger defined by the certified Angus beef with a suitable amount of fat, a unique cheese, solid bun, and well-rounded sauce. With these elements sorted out, you can then go forth and choose your garnishes like tasty onions, savory tomatoes, and much more that will mark your burger as the most delicious thing you’ve ever placed on your hungry tongue.

Where to Find The Best Burger

Craving a burger to remember? Montana Jack’s faithfully provides the best burger in Missoula to our hungry patrons. Featuring well-crafted burgers like our Whiskey Jack Burger or our renowned Spicy Cajun Bacon Burger. If you’re drooling for a truly unique burger experience that will make you drool at the mere memory of it, Montana Jacks has you covered.