Family time is extremely underrated nowadays in the hustle and bustle of the digital age. Folks, unfortunately, value the one-on-one time they have with their Facebook app more than they do the time they get with their family members. While that’s not true for everyone, it can be hard for folks to prioritize themselves and their self-care over their daily responsibilities. In fact, many folks don’t realize that quality time with people you love and value is self-care as much as indulging in using that bath bomb you’ve been saving since December is. The easiest place to do this is obviously the dinner table.

The Foundation Is a Great Family Dinner

The dinner table in most houses used to be a place to debrief on the day and get all of your frustrations out. While this is true still for many, the dinner table can be multiple things. It can be a place where you share old stories from your youth, where you discuss and reflect on the day and where you receive the therapeutic benefits of talking about your woes. Interestingly though, Americans rarely eat together nowadays. In fact, the average person in the U.S. eats one of every five meals on the go, literally in their car. This is hardly the relaxing dinner a person needs to start off the next day with nothing on their chest. Additionally, families in the U.S. on average actually share a single meal together every week, which is diminished from the recommended frequency. There are additional statistics to back up that not eating with the family unit is bad for your own psychological and physical health. In fact, children who don’t eat dinner with their parents at least twice per week, end up being 40 percent more likely to be obese.

The Cause and Effect

Physiologists deduce that this is mainly due to the fact that when you eat by yourself, humans generally feel alienated. Picture the kid who ate on the toilet at school because he didn’t want to be seen eating alone in the lunchroom at school. There’s no way that can be healthy. It all loops back to evolution too. In the past, humans have always been pack animals and we enjoy the company of one another. When you’d sit down after a long day of hunting and collecting the fruits of your labor, the tribe would eat food together. It’s the same at the dinner table It’s a unifier. Sharing a meal with someone is the perfect excuse to spend time catching up and talking about your shared passions which builds bonds.

Change The Game, Prioritize Eating Together

Rather than putting your food on the back burner for another round of meals and letting your family eat separately, make it an event. Use a Montana Jack’s outing to go and enjoy great food, take your time eating, and enjoy one another’s company. Establish a highly enjoyable ritual of spending time together and bonding over really great food right here. From delicious burgers to savory steaks and well-prepared, versatile entrees we offer something the whole family will enjoy. Mark each week with a trip to Montana Jacks and prioritize each other and your own self-care for a couple hours. We’re eager to see you.