Once dinner time rolls around, there’s no denying that aching hunger you feel in your stomach. When thinking about all the incredible meals you can devour, suddenly you start picturing a juicy burger. Don’t worry, we know how good that sounds, too. That’s why, when it comes to finding a burger at Missoula restaurants, you should come to Montana Jack’s! We have our Top-Shelf Burgers and our Beefed-Up Burgers to keep both your mouth and your stomach feeling satisfied until it’s time for your next big meal.

Top-Shelf Burgers

How many Missoula restaurants can offer you the best in Certified Angus Beef® burgers? These burgers are cooked to medium and served on a wheat Montana bun. Whether you would like your burger with our crispy steak fries, soup, cottage cheese, or a house salad, we can give you the perfect side to match the savory flavors of your burger. We even have gluten-free buns available upon request!

Spicy Cajun Bacon Burger

This burger is carefully cooked with Cajun spices and topped with sautéed mushrooms, jalapeños, pepper jack cheese, bacon, and fresh avocado slices. If that isn’t enough to get your mouth watering for more, we garnish this burger with fresh tomatoes, leaf lettuce, and a smokey chipotle mayo.

Pork Stacker Sandwich

Not in the mood for beef? Don’t worry, this battered pork chop makes an incredible sandwich that will keep your tastebuds feeling exhilarated. We add on thinly sliced ham, American cheese, and crisp bacon slices to really give you that full pork taste you crave. This sandwich is garnished with mayo, sliced tomatoes, leaf lettuce, and pickles.

The Philly Burger

The juicy Certified Angus Beef® is just the beginning of this burger! We drizzle the beef with A-1 steak sauce and top it off with sautéed onions, green peppers, jalapeño peppers, and shredded sliced roast beef. Oh, and we wouldn’t forget the pepper-jack cheese and toasted bun to wrap all that flavor into one delicious package.

Eggs Benedict Burger

This burger is cooked every time to give you that juicy and tender meat you need in your burger. Our toasted garlic buttered bun, bacon slices, melted cheddar cheese, basted egg, hollandaise sauce, fresh tomatoes, and avocado all combine to add a unique flavor like you’ve never experienced before. We know eggs sound strange on a burger, but trust us – the final product is incredibly delicious.

Montana Jack’s Restaurant – Come See Us!

Don’t let your hunger go unsatisfied! We know that when you crave a burger, only the best can satisfy that need. Stop into Montana Jack’s today for the best burger you can find in Missoula. We are your premier choice when it comes to finding a restaurant and casino to spend your evening having fun with friends. Round up your family and friends for a night of unforgettable food, fun, and games! Our menu has everything you need to keep anyone happy, no matter what they eat. We also offer breakfast, so don’t forget to stop in for a morning meal this weekend! If that isn’t enough, we can also cater your events. That’s right – you can have our famous burgers at your next big event. Contact us today to learn more and check out our menu to see what you’ll be ordering tonight for dinner.