It seems that, alongside red meat, eating out is under fire from the healthy minded among all of us. As you’re probably familiar with, Billings is a great mixture of vivacious young folks and older traditionalists, but surely we can all agree that Montana has some of the most delightful natural beauty in the entirety of the U.S. Being healthier can only help make those long hikes where you get to interact without gorgeous surroundings much easier on you and your blood pressure. So is there any point in heeding the health warnings about eating out? No, because eating out isn’t something to be feared, it’s actually excellent for developing social skills and relieving stress. In the same respect that red meat is good for you in moderation, so is eating out.

Be Flexible

Sometimes, things don’t work how you planned. The meal plan for that week fell through, your husband ruined the crockpot meal by dropping it on the ground, there are a million reasons that you might end up without food for the night. But beyond the minor inconvenience of figuring out where you want to go eat, there are other things in life that demand a certain propensity for flexibility. Sometimes you miss your flight and sometimes bad things happen, but being in the practice of being flexible makes these things easier to tackle. This is an especially valuable tool to teach to children.


One of the best parts about eating out is the amazing atmosphere the encourages social interaction. When you’re out for the night, it’s just you and the people across the table. There’s nothing quite like bonding over food and that’s proved over and over again, moreover, it’s confirmed by psychologists that it does have emotional health benefits. It’s actually much better for your digestion too, because eating out actually relieves the stress of having to eat fast, the lack-thereof aids your digestion. It also promotes mindful eating which is directly associated with weight loss as well as proven benefits for both mental and physical health.

You’ll Be Adventurous

There’s a collection of studies that have found that you’re much more likely to try something new at a restaurant than you are when cooking on your own. Something about the assurance that you can send it back if you don’t like it, and that their tried and true recipe is less likely to be unappetizing. If something looks exotic and is described as a scrumptious morsel on the menu, you might find something you really enjoy and be inspired to try more new things and experience food in a different way.

Visit Montana Jack’s

Don’t fret about the ruined crockpot meal, embrace the flexibility and the joy of eating out. Montana Jack’s offers a host of American cuisine which is sure to delight you and enhance your enjoyment of the day. There’s nothing wrong with taking a break for the regular hum-drum and treating yourself to a night out, where someone else cooks for you. Head over to Montana Jack’s when your other dinner plans fall through, when you’re trying to show someone the perks of Billings or when you just need a night of sitting back and trying an exotically spiced burger. We’re eager to see you!

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