You love your mother, which is why you want to treat her to something special this Mother’s Day. If you aren’t sure what the best way is to show how much she matters to you, we’ve compiled a list for you! Choose them all or just your favorites; regardless, we know she is going to have an incredible day.

Take a Family Portrait

If you are part of a bigger family, everyone can help chip in to get a nice family portrait for your mom. She will love having a large photo to display so she can show everyone who visits her home. We know she’ll be thrilled to point you out, your siblings, and even the grandkids if there are any.

Give a Weekend Trip as a Gift

We’ll bet that your parents don’t get out that much, and if they do, they certainly don’t spend the weekend away. Buy your mom a gift card for a nice hotel nearby! Make sure to choose one with fun things to do. If you can afford it, you can even splurge on a spa package to make your mom feel pampered and refreshed.

Take Your Mom to a Nearby City or Town

If she lived in the city, take her to a small town! She will love the small town charm and little shops she can’t find in the city. If she lives in a small town already, treat her to a night in the city. Whether you choose to go to plays, big shopping centers, or a casino, she is sure to have a good time with you.

Throw a Mother’s Day Party

If your mom has some friends with kids who also don’t know what to do for their mothers, call them up and host a party! Your mom will have all her friends there as well as her kids. You can buy special gifts, hire a caterer (Montana Jack’s is an option!), get a photographer, and even get some entertainment for the kids who attend. It’ll make a great memory for all the moms in your life and their kids looking to treat their moms to something special.

Clean Her House

She’s taken care of your for years, and now is the perfect time to return the favor. Offer to take on a chore that may be difficult for her, such as repainting her bedroom or cleaning out the gutters. We are certain she will appreciate the gesture.

Take Her to a Billings Restaurant

When it comes to finding the perfect restaurant in Billings to celebrate Mother’s Day, none can match Montana Jack’s! We have drink specials she is sure to love, delicious entree options, and we even have a casino in the restaurant so she can try her luck before her meal arrives. The whole family is welcome, so you can make sure that your mom has everyone she loves there at the table with her. Stop in and see us; we look forward to serving you!