Steak How You Want It

When it comes to ordering a steak, there are many arguments as to how it should be cooked, how it should be ordered, and what side should accompany it. What’s funny is how heavily debated this topic is, when really, it’s simply a matter of preference. But depending upon who you talk to, that in itself is a whole other argument. How you like your steak cooked is your choice, and here at Montana Jack’s, we give the people what they want. Here’s a look into the many ways you could decide to order a steak, and how certain cuts should be ordered.

Factors In Ordering Or Buying Steak 

  • Type of Cut – Depending on who you talk to, it doesn’t matter what type of cut it is, no quality piece of meat should ever be cooked beyond medium rare. However, for certain steak cut,s such as a basic sirloin, ordering to your preference at a medium to medium-well temperature is just fine. When it comes to ordering prime rib, you should try to keep  the temperature to medium rare to rare. This is the best way to “do the meat justice.”
  • Cooking Methods – This is also dependent on the type of cut that you choose. But when it comes to getting the most out of your meat, you should consider the type of dish you’re going for. For example, if you’re wanting to eat a ribeye, it should be cooked on a grill or by sauteing it.

These are two very important factors when it comes to cooking steak. However, when you come to Montana Jack’s, you can order your cut of steak how you want without criticism. Enjoy your prime rib or steak how you’d like it. It’s your beef and your choice.

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