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Cocktail History: Old Fashion

When you think of classic cocktails, which ones come to mind? An old fashioned? Or how about a martini? Maybe even a long island? While those are old school cocktails that have been proven as tried and true throughout the decades, only one of them is actually a classic: the Old Fashioned.

So what other cocktails could be designated as classic? How are they made, and why are they made that way? Let’s take a short walk through the history of the list of classic cocktails that you can always turn to in a moment of indecision.

Order An Old Fashion At Your Local Restaurant

Old Fashioned – Why not visit this timeless classic first? Introduced in 1806, this cocktail used to be served in a wine glass with only whiskey, sugar, bitters and water. It was a concoction that got its start from Jerry Thomas, a professor that wrote “Bon Vivant’s Companion.” Over the years it evolved into a much more sophisticated drink, using European ingredients like chartreuse, maraschino and absinthe. At the time, this new cocktail was the modern day equivalent of a dirty Shirley, or any other overly sweet cocktail. It was said that “real gentlemen,” enjoyed their drink “the old fashioned way,” thus earning it’s now widely recognized name.

Fast forward to the 21st century, and this cocktail now has yet another combination of ingredients. It certainly resembles the old fashioned way of making this cocktail, as it uses sugar and bitters, however, sub the sugar for simple syrup (boiled down sugar water) and muddle that with orange, a cherry, and rye, and a dash of bitters. You can see that this cocktail has made quite the journey over the decades.

Food and beverage is a field that has a lot of history. It’s a history that tells a story about the society norms at the time it was popular, and cocktails and cuisine change recipes throughout the years, it continues to tell that story.

dreamstime_xxl_39371411Next time you’re at your local restaurant enjoying a cocktail, consider asking the bartender how your drink came to be what it is. When looking for a place to enjoy a cocktail, come on down to Montana Jack’s for a hamburger and a drink;, you won’t be disappointed.

Stay tuned to ou next blog to learn more history about other classic cocktails.

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