In our previous blog, we talked about the history of some of the most famous cocktails that exist. Today, we would like to talk about five more of our all-time favorites! To enjoy non-stop cocktails, be sure to come see us at Montana Jack’s, your number one Missoula casino and restaurant.  

The Tom Collins

The history of the Tom Collins stems from a funny hoax that happened in New York in 1874. Several New Yorkers began to hear tales about a Mr. Tom Collins who had been gossiping about them and saying horrible things. No one knew Mr. Collins, but they were livid that he would speak so disrespectfully about them! Of course, there was no Tom Collins, but not everyone believed that to be the case. A few bartenders with a sense of humor began creating the cocktail now named Tom Collins so that anyone who asked for Mr. Collins would get a refreshing drink instead.

The Cosmopolitan

To be honest, we don’t quite know the exact origins of this famous Sex and the City drink. Several bartenders claim to be the creative genius behind this drink. Several potential cities are Minneapolis, South Beach, San Francisco, Manhattan, and Provincetown. The cosmo, however, is basically just a kamikaze with cranberry juice, it’s quite possible that the bartenders at these spots all came up with it on their own.

The Sazerac

While this isn’t a popular drink, it is one of America’s oldest cocktails, dating back to the 1830s! This beverage holds rye whiskey, bitters, sugar, and absinthe. A Creole pharmacist formed the recipe and began to serve it. This drink soon became so widely loved that his pharmacy became the place to get a “revitalizing potion.” Even though you may not have heard of it, it’s coming back! The Louisiana House of Representatives even decided that the drink is the official cocktail of New Orleans.

The Black Russian

Many are familiar with the White Russian, but what about the Black Russian? This cocktail was created by a bartender named Gustave Tops in 1950 while working at the Hotel Metropole. The story goes that Tops mixed Kahlua and vodka for an American socialite who was working as the ambassador to Luxembourg.

The Long Island Iced Tea

This drink has never contained any tea, but the Long Island part is true! This favorite has only been around for about 40 years, but it was created at the Oak Beach Inn in Hampton Bays by a bartender named Robert “Rosebud” Butt in 1976. He made it in order to enter a contest to create a new mixed drink that included Triple Sec.

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