Coordinating everything needed to pull off an event flawlessly is no small feat. Even if you’re the most experienced event organizer, you’ll still feel the stress pressing on you from time to time. Rather than give yourself a headache, it’s better to delegate tasks to make everything flow much better and limit your worrying. A major component of any event whether it’s a wedding, graduation, or family reunion, is the food and drinks needed to keep everyone from getting hangry.

Outside Catering Menus Offer Variety

An outside venue can sometimes make event planning more stressful than an inside function. Beyond having to worry about potential weather mishaps, there’s bugs and allergies and many other factors that can make an outdoor event a little more labor intensive. However, they’re more fun than the average event because of the freedom of movement and open air that will energize your guests. With Montana Jacks, you can access a specific outside catering menu that will make your event rise above the rabble. It’s important to remember that you’re fashioning an experience for your customers, more than you are fashioning an event for them to attend. This places an undeniable importance on the details like the food and drink.

Food With Variety

Montana Jacks offers a very wide variety of food to cater your event with. Since we’re a steakhouse, you can choose from a variety of high-end steak options for your American cuisine catering experience. Depending on the event, you can select tri-tip, New York strip and prime rib from our array of pre-coordinated buffets. If you’re interested in pursuing an Italian food theme or a barbecue theme, we have options to accommodate these needs as well. If you’re interested in a more personalized menu, you can choose from a variety of selections to fill out your buffet in the way you’d like it.

Save Yourself The Hassle And Much More

One of the major advantages of hiring an outside catering company, on top of how adaptable it makes your event, is their place as the first word in convenience. When we mentioned delegating previously, we mean that in only the most positive sense of the word, as it allows you to have complete control of the outcome, without having to go through all the time and work to make the vision come to fruition. Instead, that’s the catering company’s job. On top of all of that, you’ll save money and time. The catering company will be practiced in ensuring that there is the specified amount of ingredients and equipment for the event. Removing the variables you’re unsure about saves you money as you won’t need to pay for backup clauses.

You’re Paying For Certainty

When you hire Montana Jacks for your Missoula catering needs, you’re purchasing more than a catering experience. Our catering team is full of seasoned individuals who will direct you based off of their experience. They can offer insight about how to arrange foods for the optimal flow of people. They can lend advice about where to place the buffet in order to remain out of the way, but still completely accessible to the people wanting it. The best case scenario is that you will enjoy the event as much as the guests will.

If you’re catering an event of any kind, including weddings, graduation parties, engagement parties, and more, Montana Jacks is ready to make your party as wonderful as you’d hoped. Our unique offerings renders our catering menu incredibly versatile. Give your guests the gift of a unique and totally delicious experience. Contact us for catering in the Missoula area, we’re excited to hear from you.