1. Reward Your Staff!

    When it’s been a hard month and moral throughout the office is running low, but workload is at an all time high, reward your staff with a token of appreciation. Show them that you understand how rough it’s been and that you want to show them your appreciation by buying them lunch on a Friday. The best way to do this is with a caterer. Hiring a caterer allows you to choose from multiple options…Read More

  2. Hire Montana Jacks To Cater Your Grad Party

    It’s here! The end of school has finally come. After all of your hard work, dedication to your education (and not to mention the blood sweat and tears), you’re finally graduating. It’s such an exciting time of year that requires so much planning. From figuring out which out of town guests will stay where, and what your graduation party will entail, there is so much to cover. For your grad pa…Read More