1. The History Of Casinos

    The History Of Casinos Casino’s have had a long and storied history filled with many ups and downs. Much like your local casino here in Billings, they haven’t always been around as we know them today. Here is the short version of the history of casinos, as told by your favorite local casino in Billings, Montana. Earliest History The earliest recorded history of gambling began around 2300 B.C. …Read More

  2. Tipping Cultures in Casinos

    One of the most confusing things to new patrons when they come to a casino like Montana Jack’s is how much you actually need to tip. It is easy to figure out how much to tip a waiter or waitress, but when it comes to tipping your dealer in a casino, it can be hard to figure out what is best. You can’t simply calculate 20% out of your winnings because after all, that is a lot of money that you …Read More

  3. Five Things Not To Do In A Casino

    So you have a trip planned to Billings to go to the wonderful Montana Jacks, but you haven’t gone to a casino before? While going to a casino is a fun and novel vacation, you also have to know the etiquette of a casino. It is a very different environment from many other places. Most of the time it comes down to simply being courteous to fellow patrons, but, some things are completely different f…Read More

  4. Reasons to Cater Your Family BBQ

    Summer is the time of the year where families get together. Be it to celebrate a birthday, a goodbye party for the student that just graduated from high school, or some time simply to enjoy each other’s company, BBQs are always a good time. If you’re going to be hosting a BBQ in the near future, consider having it catered by Montana Jack’s. Our team has provided delicious food for years, and…Read More

  5. Calorie Counting With Red Meat (Burgers, Steak and Everything Great) – Part 2

    We’re not done with red meat, and we sure hope you aren't. In part two, we’ll continue to explore how you can incorporate red meat in all its various forms to take full advantage of its health benefits. After all, there’s a reason humans started craving meat, and there's a reason that smelling a burger on the grill makes your mouth fill will drool. Protein has always been good for your body…Read More

  6. Calorie Counting With Red Meat (Burgers, Steak and Everything Great)

    For many folks, meat of any kind is simply a needed option on their daily menu. So when you start counting calories or going on a diet to try and make yourself feel better during the day, it's normal to wonder whether all the red meat scares are true and you’ll have to give it up in order to be healthy. We’re here to tell you that, while the red meat scares have their roots in fact, they’re …Read More

  7. Does Eating Steak Make You Put On Muscle Faster?

    Is there anything quite as satisfying as eating red meat after a great work out? There’s something about the protein on your lips, the smell, the texture of the meat and the pure joy of ripping into a juicy steak. Beyond the animalistic need to reward yourself with red meat for your hard work, is there, perhaps, something more to that craving of red meat? In short, yes. Red meat is essentially t…Read More

  8. Steak and Beer Pairings For A King

    Some Friday nights you come home from a long week at work and all you need is a huge cut of meat and a tasty, savory, bubbly beer. Montana Jack’s is here to make sure that you can get that same grilled steak decadence that you do in the summer, but without having to do any of the work. All you’ll need to do is take a seat, soak up the warmth of our cozy atmosphere and wait for your sizzling, j…Read More

  9. Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Red Meat Salmonella at Montana Jack’s

    It seems like the beginning of November has brought an onslaught of food poisoning scares, from lettuce to red meat. Salmonella has been found in just about everything from the raw hamburger you had to toss to the Turkey you bought for Thanksgiving and it’s more than cramping our food style; it’s really putting a damper on the feast heavy holidays. These food recalls make you wary and they mak…Read More

  10. Understanding Cuts of Beef

    Have you ever found yourself wandering through the grocery store aisles, browsing the meat section, totally in the dark about what beef cut you’re looking at? Granted, it’s labeled, but what in tarnation is a short plate? The only plate you’ve ever associated with a cow is the one they eventually end up on. Could it be referring to a spinal plate? Does good meat come from the back of the cow…Read More