It’s a Friday night and you’re ready to head out to grab a bite to eat, and a beer to cap off the week. It was a tough one, and you made it through. So why not treat yourself to a nice steak dinner, and a beer or cocktail? You could stay home and whip up a meal yourself, but what fun is that? Now that you’ve decided that you are in fact eating out, the question is where. Well, a restaurant you should absolutely consider is Montana Jack’s. Why you ask? Well we’ll tell you. Here are the top three reasons you should head to Montana Jack’s this week.

  1. The Food – Steak, prime rib, a salad bar, or an all you can eat buffet? Why wouldn’t you eat here? There’s an option for everyone at Montana Jack’s. The food is prepared with the freshest ingredients and the flavors are endless.
  2. The Slots – Montana Jack’s has some of the loosest slots around. While playing, you receive complimentary beer, wine, or cocktails. You can also join the players club for free! This means you earn while you play. Why wouldn’t you come to Montana Jack’s?
  3. Rewards – Speaking of earning while you play. If you sign up for free with the rewards program, you get $10 back for every $200 you spend. And on your birthday, we’ll give you a meal on-the-house, as a gift from us to you.


So this Friday when you’re thinking of heading out to eat and treat yourself, go ahead and stop at Montana Jack’s Restaurant and Casino, to play and eat while you enjoy some cocktails or a beer.