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It seems like the beginning of November has brought an onslaught of food poisoning scares, from lettuce to red meat. Salmonella has been found in just about everything from the raw hamburger you had to toss to the Turkey you bought for Thanksgiving and it’s more than cramping our food style; it’s really putting a damper on the feast heavy holidays. These food recalls make you wary and they make you second-guess that food at the banquet buffet for the holiday party, as well as the happy hour you have planned with your friends from out of town in a couple of weeks. But don’t fret, because we’re here to enlighten you about these food scares and where you should be cautious and where you can let your flavor flag fly.

Where Is The Danger?

Essentially all over. If it seems like their finding a new food poisoning risk every day, it’s because they practically are. Mainly though, our concern is the ground beef from JBS Swift Beef that’s located in Greeley, Colorado. They started out with a smaller, beef recall because of a potential E coli contamination. The U.S. Department of Agriculture conducted a food safety investigation and found instances of 24 illnesses in multiple states. So JBS Swift reexamined their system and broadened their recall. The packages that are of questionable quality mainly include those with sell by dates between April 27th and June 1st, so why is all of this coming into effect now? Because of the practice of freezing meat that you get on sale in the summer. Bigger families and other establishments that feed a large number of people buy meat in bulk and may have some left over with dates from that time, hence why some of these issues are surfacing now.

The Consequences

In general, it means that JBS can no longer be trusted. They had to recall nearly 5.1 million pounds of beef. At first, it was just ground beef, but now it’s been expanded to include all of the raw meat put out during a certain time. Unfortunately, they didn’t catch this fast enough and there have been 56 hospitalizations, but luckily no deaths.

Where is it Safe?

In your own kitchen as well as in Montana Jack’s. While food safety gets thrown out the window in some home kitchens. We adhere to very strict food safety guidelines that ensure that even if a bit of meat isn’t entirely wholesome, it is completely cooked so that there is no question as to its integrity. In fact, you could argue that a restaurant’s kitchen that is held to very high standards with various chemical cleaning processes in place and many procedures to ensure a piece of meat is completely cooked and free of bacteria would probably be the safest place to get your meat from.

Don’t Cut Yourself Short, Come to Montana Jack’s

Just because the meat industry is having a hiccup doesn’t mean you have to question everything you’re putting in your mouth. Come to Montana Jack’s where you can utterly and always trust the food to be the highest quality and totally healthy to consume to grab a burger with friends and celebrate the holiday atmosphere today.