Steak and beer pairings for a king

Some Friday nights you come home from a long week at work and all you need is a huge cut of meat and a tasty, savory, bubbly beer. Montana Jack’s is here to make sure that you can get that same grilled steak decadence that you do in the summer, but without having to do any of the work. All you’ll need to do is take a seat, soak up the warmth of our cozy atmosphere and wait for your sizzling, juicy steak to show up in front of you accompanied by a delicious beer. What if we told you that you could make that invigorating experience way better? What if you could figure out steak and beer pairings that will bring this to the absolute next level? Well, we will tell you that because it’s true. Welcome to the steak and beer pairings fit for a king guide:

What Makes a Steak?

There’s so much that makes a steak. There’s the seasoning that brings out the extravagant flavor profile. There’s the marbled interior of the meat that mixes salty with buttery sweet to balance the flavors of juicy meat and then there’s that succulent nature of the meat. How a good piece can make your taste buds nearly tingle with anticipation and the pure thrill that gets sent through your body as that bite hits your tongue. When you eat a truly spectacular steak (probably from Montana Jack’s) you feel like a king or queen. The only way to make this an even more superior experience is by utilizing the brew to bring out all those flavors we just talked about and amplify every single one of them with tact.

Use A Flavor Profile

First, we recommend mainly looking to our draft beer menu when ordering a beer with your steak. Your steak deserves to be paired with the perfectly fresh taste of draft beer rather than anything that’s been filtered by the contents of a bottle. Montana Jack’s proudly features Angry Hank’s microbrewed beer on tap at all times. Our stand-bys include Head Trauma and Street Fight. Their IPA, Head Trauma, holds a rich coppery color and a dry palate taste. It’s hoppy like all good IPAs and the aroma is the signature of the centennial hops. Our other on draft microbrew, an Irish red ale, is malty and full of toffee and caramel flavors. For these two specific beers, we recommend a Ribeye. Traditionally, a cut of Ribeye has a natural honey taste with a touch of caramel sweetness that rounds out the Irish ale seamlessly.

Cold Smoke Scotch Ales

It’s bold and entirely Montana-grown with two-row barley and Goldings hops. Of course, you can only pair a not very bitter with the gentle yet distinct flavors of a piece of prime rib. Thus, we recommend the widely well regarded Cold Smoke brew. The hop bite of this brew is concealed within the sweet carbonation and the medium body gives off a smokey, roasted malt flavor that is both impressive and subtle. It’s the perfect pair for the thick juicy prime rib you’re hoping for.

Come Down to The Billings Montana Jack’s

Don’t wait for that steak any longer. Come try out a couple of beer pairings with a big slab of red meat and unwind today.