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For many folks, meat of any kind is simply a needed option on their daily menu. So when you start counting calories or going on a diet to try and make yourself feel better during the day, it’s normal to wonder whether all the red meat scares are true and you’ll have to give it up in order to be healthy. We’re here to tell you that, while the red meat scares have their roots in fact, they’re often blown out of proportion. The truth is, essentially consuming anything without any sort of moderation will make you feel unhealthy and gain weight. A great example is how a glass of wine per night is great for your heart, but more than that and you’ll feel pretty bad the next morning.

In our article, we’ll discuss how calorie counting has become easier over the years, and how you can fit red meat into multiple types of diets. We’ll also discuss its uncontested health benefits that often play second fiddle to the nay-sayers doomsday predictions of high-cholesterol and general suffering.

Lean Red Meat Is The Source of Protein

If you’re starting a brand new diet, you may be trying to prepare yourself to be hungry. Perhaps you’re reinforcing your emotional battlements so you don’t turn into a hangry mess between your frequent snack of pecans and your 150 calorie oatmeal breakfast. Protein makes all of that far less necessary. When you’re starting a diet, there’s bound to be an adjustment period, but the day-to-day hunger can be significantly lessened with a bit of well-used protein in your food. Enter the hero: Red meat. If you opt for lean red meat, you’re adding one of the most densely packed protein sources to your diet that you can. Red meat contains around 23-28 grams for every 4 ounces.

As protein is a “complete protein source” which means that when it breaks down in your digestive track it provides all of the amino acids that your body requires. Incredibly, those amino acids and proteins, in general, do so much in your body to keep everything running smoothly. Protein is the key component in all of your regenerative abilities as far as tissue, organ and bone repair. They also aid oxygen and nutrients transport throughout your entire body.

Essentially, protein aids cell replication on all the different fronts of your body and is completely responsible for DNA replication which fights disease and provides so many more functions for your body. Most importantly, (at least in regard to calorie counting) protein aids weight loss like no one’s business. Mostly in the sense that it helps you feel full longer—something most folks attribute to carbs—and it builds muscle which actively consumes fat and calories, effectively speeding up your metabolism.

Red Meat Is Essential, So Have a Burger

Did you know, you can calorie count responsibly and still have fun with what’s on your plate? Like we said, everything in moderation helps you open up a whole world of opportunity within your diet. Come to Montana Jacks, have a burger and some friends and save a little for later. Or order a nice juicy steak, get all those essential nutrients and protein, then box it up and have the rest for a nice lunch at work. Just because you’re trying to tighten your belt doesn’t mean you can’t still have steak and utilize all those powerful protein compounds. Come visit us and indulge just the right amount, we look forward to seeing you.