burgers and steaks in Montana

We’re not done with red meat, and we sure hope you aren’t. In part two, we’ll continue to explore how you can incorporate red meat in all its various forms to take full advantage of its health benefits. After all, there’s a reason humans started craving meat, and there’s a reason that smelling a burger on the grill makes your mouth fill will drool.

Protein has always been good for your body’s development, and that won’t change because you’re on a diet now. Staying on your diet and portion controlling the good things in your life is merely a measure of self-control and determination which has become measurably easier in the past couple of years, thanks to calorie-counting apps.

Everything In Moderation

Calorie counting diets are all about portion control. Sure, you can totally have a couple of Oreos while on your diet, but that means you may only have 500 total calories left for dinner. A “quick snack” could easily council out your lunch budget, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up everything you love about food. You don’t have to commit to salad instead of any other food and you don’t have to completely give up beer.

You just need to be careful with your measurements of those things.

That doesn’t mean you have to only eat a steak “the size of a deck of playing cards.” it just means you have to reel in your indulgence. Today, more than ever, that’s really quite easy. Google provides all the calorie information you need and most popular calorie apps create a database of common foods (like steak, cheeseburgers, french bread, etc) and have the calorie counts already in there for you to add up. They’ll help you base your calorie count on how many pounds you’d like to lose, how active your current lifestyle is, and some even break it down by how frequently and aggressively you’d like to lose weight.

These apps won’t tell you to control your attraction for chocolate if that’s all you want to eat all day. As long as you’re under calorie count. You’ll lose weight, no matter what you eat. The nutrition portion of that game is all in your court. That’s where red meat comes in. If you choose a lean cut of meat, you’ll be able to avoid many calories but you’ll be able to access around 25 grams of protein for every serving you partake in (4 ounces of meat). In a sirloin steak, there are only 279 calories per serving, which means you could partake in a 6 ounce, for only 414 calories which in comparison to many other foods is very filling for very little caloric intake.

Are Burgers and Steaks The Secret to Losing Weight?

We aren’t nutritional scientists, and we can’t weigh in on any studies without a degree, but we can put two and two together. Protein keeps you getting from hungry, it creates more muscle which “eats” through fat and increases the speed of metabolism. Burgers and steaks are super protein dense. You do the math.

We’re looking forward to seeing you in your better fitting jeans, looking sharp, at Montana Jacks soon!