When it’s been a hard month and moral throughout the office is running low, but workload is at an all time high, reward your staff with a token of appreciation. Show them that you understand how rough it’s been and that you want to show them your appreciation by buying them lunch on a Friday. The best way to do this is with a caterer.

Hiring a caterer allows you to choose from multiple options for multiple preferences in bulk, so that every employee gets a meal.

Why else will catering be awesome for your staff?

  • Themed Buffets – Our catered buffets come in four different themes.
    • Flavors of Italy – Choose from meat lasagna, or chicken Parmesan, or even fettuccine Alfredo along with buttered rolls.
    • The smoke stack – This theme gives you a choice of classic BBQ favorites such as sliced brisket or pulled pork, along with mashed potatoes for a side.
    • The Classic – This style buffet is geared towards our vegetarian customers.
  • Upgrades – You can upgrade these buffets by choosing the Tri Tip, upgrade even more with prime rib.
  • Create Your Own Buffet – Creating your own buffet is a great way to have variety in your catered work event. Choose from multiple entrees, and find a way to make everyone happy!

If you’re proud of the people you have on staff, show them just how much you appreciate them by getting them lunch. Afterall, they do say that food is the way to the heart! If you’re in need of catering services, contact us here at Montana Jack’s today!