1. Mother’s Day at Montana Jack’s

    Did you know that the busiest restaurant day of the year is Mother’s Day? That’s right, more people eat out Mother’s Day more than any other day of the year, even more so than Valentine’s Day. In fact, more than 25% of all Americans will eat out on this day, and one in ten people will depend on a restaurant or take out on Mother's Day, all of this according to the National Restaurant Assoc…Read More

  2. Choose Montana Jack’s Catering For Your Wedding

    It’s finally happened, your significant other proposed, and now it’s time to start the planning. Getting everything set up for your wedding is a long, and continuously difficult journey. Between choosing a venue, to getting fit for a dress, the to-do list for your wedding is endless. One thing to add to your to-do list is to hire a caterer. Hiring a caterer will help take a lot of the pain out…Read More

  3. Well Rounded Dining At Montana Jack’s

    When you go out to eat, you pretty much expect a run-of-the-mill dinner service. You’re greeted with a friendly smile as you walk in the door, and again when you’re seated at your table. But when you eat at Montana Jack’s local restaurant, you get more than a typical experience. We aim to give you a unique dining experience that’s fun, and satisfying. So what does Montana Jack’s provide …Read More

  4. What to Order At Montana Jack’s

    Here at Montana Jack’s Restaurant and Casino, we believe in serving food at an affordable price, without cutting corners on quality. We like to think that the food we serve is what keeps you coming back to Montana Jack’s. We have a great selection of food that is sure to leave you satisfied. But sometimes, it can be hard to decide what to order when you get there. We’ve laid out some food an…Read More

  5. Choose Montana Jack’s To Cater Your Next Event

    You’ve recently had a life event occur. Maybe you’ve recently become engaged, and now it’s time to plan a wedding. Maybe it’s time for your oldest child to graduate high school. You could also be planning a fundraiser of sorts. Regardless of the event you’re going to host, you’re going to need a caterer. Here at Montana Jack’s, we have more to offer than our restaurant and casino. We…Read More

  6. Top Three Reasons To Go To Montana Jack’s Restaurant and Casino

      It’s a Friday night and you’re ready to head out to grab a bite to eat, and a beer to cap off the week. It was a tough one, and you made it through. So why not treat yourself to a nice steak dinner, and a beer or cocktail? You could stay home and whip up a meal yourself, but what fun is that? Now that you’ve decided that you are in fact eating out, the question is where. Well, a resta…Read More