1. More Cocktail History Part 2

    In our previous blog, we talked about the history of some of the most famous cocktails that exist. Today, we would like to talk about five more of our all-time favorites! To enjoy non-stop cocktails, be sure to come see us at Montana Jack’s, your number one Missoula casino and restaurant.   The Tom Collins The history of the Tom Collins stems from a funny hoax that happened in New York in 1874.…Read More

  2. More Cocktail History

    When you stroll up to the bar and order your favorite mixed drink, do you know the origins of your cocktail? We at Montana Jack’s are here today to share some of the back stories about some of your chosen drinks. Stop in tonight and receive free cocktails as you use our casino! The Martini Many people debate about what the proper ratio should be between gin and dry vermouth, and many argue just …Read More

  3. Casual Party? Cater With Us!

    Celebrate the start of a new season with friends and family by throwing a party. If this is something you already celebrate as a yearly tradition, then you should consider upgrading your party from a potluck to a catered event. With Montana Jack’s, you can do just that. Our catering services are among the best in Montana and are great for any type of event. Here’s what you can get from Montana…Read More

  4. Long Day? Head To Montana Jacks

    Cope with a Hard Day at Our Restaurant in Billings At the end of every week, there’s this great sigh of relief that comes over us. For the next two days, we get to sit around and relax. Or maybe we spend time with family, get things done around the house, or go on a small trip. Regardless, we get the most out of that time until Sunday night comes around, and it’s time to prepare for the week a…Read More

  5. The Ultimate Restaurant Experience

    What Restaurant Will You Eat At?  When deciding on where to eat for dinner, you and your spouse might find yourselves with quite the conundrum. You’re wanting wine, but he’s wanting a beer. You want a salad but he wants a steak. You want to enjoy a nice atmosphere while he wants to gamble. Well, trust us when we say that you’re not alone. Every day couples find themselves in this debacle a…Read More

  6. How Do You Like Your Steak

    Steak How You Want It When it comes to ordering a steak, there are many arguments as to how it should be cooked, how it should be ordered, and what side should accompany it. What’s funny is how heavily debated this topic is, when really, it’s simply a matter of preference. But depending upon who you talk to, that in itself is a whole other argument. How you like your steak cooked is your choic…Read More

  7. Why Family Dinner is Important

    Enjoy A Meal As A Family Every day of every week presents new challenges. As we face these challenges throughout our life, it can be mentally and emotionally draining, and at the end of the day we’re ready to head home and relax. One great benefit of having a family is getting to spend time with them and wind down together as you share ideas, stories, and even the struggles you faced throughout …Read More

  8. History of Cocktails

    Cocktail History: Old Fashion When you think of classic cocktails, which ones come to mind? An old fashioned? Or how about a martini? Maybe even a long island? While those are old school cocktails that have been proven as tried and true throughout the decades, only one of them is actually a classic: the Old Fashioned. So what other cocktails could be designated as classic? How are they made, and w…Read More

  9. Beef Cuts Continued

    Welcome back to Montana Jack’s blog! Beef Cuts 101 In our last blog, we talked about the different types of beef cuts. While we covered the forequarter cuts of the cow, including the chuck, the ribs, the brisket, the foreshank, and the plate, we left out an entire second half of the cow. How could you possibly be prepared for you next visit to your local steakhouse with out knowing what the hind…Read More

  10. Cuts of Steak

    Beef Cut Info From Your Favorite Restaurant It’s Friday night and you and the family want to get out and about and have a nice meal together. You know you want a steak, and the rest of the family seems to agree. You set out in search of a steak restaurant and find Montana Jack’s. You’re greeted with a warm hello and great smile as you're escorted to your seat. You sit down to the menu to fin…Read More