Did you know that the busiest restaurant day of the year is Mother’s Day? That’s right, more people eat out Mother’s Day more than any other day of the year, even more so than Valentine’s Day. In fact, more than 25% of all Americans will eat out on this day, and one in ten people will depend on a restaurant or take out on Mother’s Day, all of this according to the National Restaurant Association. When considering where to take Mom for Mother’s Day, consider bringing her down to Montana Jack’s, where every mom would be elated to eat at on their day.

When you bring Mom to Montana Jack’s for her special brunch, she’ll get to enjoy choosing from:

  • Delicious beverages-  Alcoholic or non alcoholic. From beer, wine and liquor, to juice and soda, Mom is sure to quench her thirst with something refreshing from our restaurant.
  • Succulent Appetizers – From Mushrooms battered in tempura, to the ever favorite sweet potato fries, you can’t go wrong.
  • Satisfying Entree’s – From Burgers to Prime Rib, everyone can satisfy their appetite. Even the herbivores can enjoy the menu from Montana Jack’s, as we offer an array of healthy salads as well.
  • For those that are interested in a more of a buffet style brunch, we offer an all-you-can-eat brunch for your enjoyment as well.

Get ready for Mother’s Day by making your reservation with us today. As Mother’s Day is our busiest day, it’s important that you do it right away! Time is of the essence, and heaven forbid that Mom doesn’t get her brunch this Sunday! Call us for a reservation now, and ensure a table for you and your family.