You’ve recently had a life event occur. Maybe you’ve recently become engaged, and now it’s time to plan a wedding. Maybe it’s time for your oldest child to graduate high school. You could also be planning a fundraiser of sorts. Regardless of the event you’re going to host, you’re going to need a caterer. Here at Montana Jack’s, we have more to offer than our restaurant and casino. We can bring the same delicious food we serve in-house, to you at your event. Here are a few of the catering services that we offer, and why you should book Montana Jack’s to cater your next event.

  • Themed Buffets – We offer our catering services in the form of themes. Choose from the flavors of Italy, featuring a meat lasagna, a chicken parmesan, or a fettucini alfredo. This theme also includes a salad and garlic buttered broccoli, and dinner rolls. Yum!
  • Build Your Own – If the themed buffets all sound so good that you have to have a little bit of all of them, you can do that! The way it works is the buffet price will include one entrée, plus two salads, two sides, and a choice of bread. You can also add a second entrée for a five dollar up-charge per person.
  • Appetizers and Assorted Trays – We have a wide variety of appetizers and other finger food that you can choose from for your guests to enjoy. Choose from a vegetable tray or even a cheese tray, and add some appetizers to the mix with some stuffed mushrooms or hand-made meatballs for a complete food experience.

If you’re looking to host and cater an event, and are interested in the catering services that Montana Jack’s has to offer, don’t hesitate to call. Regardless of the size of your event, we can create the perfect catered event for you.