The History Of Casinos

Casino’s have had a long and storied history filled with many ups and downs. Much like your local casino here in Billings, they haven’t always been around as we know them today. Here is the short version of the history of casinos, as told by your favorite local casino in Billings, Montana.

Earliest History

The earliest recorded history of gambling began around 2300 B.C. in China. At this time, there was no such thing as an actual casino. It would typically be a single room in which people from all over simply came to play and bet on a game. These dens were filled with people who were hoping to line their pockets with just a little bit more coin than what they originally came with. 

The first known casino was in 1638 when a little place in Venice was opened. It was opened as a gambling hall during a carnival to enable people to enjoy gambling in a stress-free environment away from the hustle and bustle of the carnival itself. Casino Di Venezia still stands to this day. 

The Gambling Hall

It wasn’t until the 18th century in which the term casino was actually coined. The term casino actually comes from the root word in Italian “casa” which means house. The term was created in order to reflect how gambling could bring people together in the same sense that a home could. Areas such as Monte Carlo created extravagant hotel/ gambling halls that people would flock to as a means of escape from their daily lives. 

Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada is where things really changed for what we call the modern-day Casino. This city was the first of its kind. It originally started out as a stopover for people traveling on the railroad. As it was being built, many of the workers would take breaks and play cards. This eventually led to the workers doing things that were thought to be illicit acts. Then, gambling was outlawed from 1910 to 1931, but when its prohibition ended, the city grew into the area that we know today as Las Vegas. The area quickly became what it is now known for because it was considered as a place of leisure and fun. The city was built on money from the mob because they saw it as a great place to legally make money without having to worry about anyone bothering them about where it came from. 

This continued throughout the 1900s until 1989 when the first mega- casino was built. The Mirage changed how the city was viewed. It changed it from the ultimate place for gambling to the ultimate place to actually stay. The mega casino quickly became what we all knew of Las Vegas and replaced the simple gambling halls of the time.

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