When you stroll up to the bar and order your favorite mixed drink, do you know the origins of your cocktail? We at Montana Jack’s are here today to share some of the back stories about some of your chosen drinks. Stop in tonight and receive free cocktails as you use our casino!

The Martini

Many people debate about what the proper ratio should be between gin and dry vermouth, and many argue just as passionately about where this classic cocktail comes from. Some people believe that it is a dryer version of an old cocktail called the Martinez, named after Martinez, California – the birthplace of that cocktail. Other people think that the name comes from the company Martini & Rossi, which is an Italian business that exports its vermouths to the United States and has been since the 19th century.

The Manhattan

This delicious combination of whiskey, sweet vermouth, and bitters also has unclear origins, as many people claim that they invented it. We know that it most likely began in New York in the 1860s, but many stories surround this idea. For example, one of the stories is about Jennie Churchill throwing a party at the Manhattan Club to celebrate Samuel J. Tilden’s New York gubernatorial election victory. They say that a bartender created the Manhattan as a special cocktail just for the event!

The Bellini

This cocktail, comprised of white peach puree and Prosecco, has no mystery surrounding where it came from. Giuseppe Cipriani, the founder of Harry’s Bar in Venice, began mixing these together in the 1930s. The pink color that resulted from this mixture reminded him of a color from a saint’s toga in a Renaissance painting. The artist’s name was Giovanni Bellini, so Cipriani named the cocktail to honor the painter.

The Kir

This is a longtime favorite in France, but it wasn’t named until after World War II. Felix Kir, who was a mayor in Dijon from 1945 to 1968, loved this specific cocktail and would always serve his visitors a glass. He did a wonderful job of persuading all of his guests to try one that, eventually, it bore his name.

The Daiquiri

This summertime favorite has quite the past! American mine employee, Jennings Cox, began mixing up drinks while working in Cuba. The stories say that Cox and his friends were in a bar in Santiago, Cuba, where he mixed together rum, lime, and sugar. They brought the drink back to the United States, where it became incredibly popular.

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