So you have a trip planned to Billings to go to the wonderful Montana Jacks, but you haven’t gone to a casino before? While going to a casino is a fun and novel vacation, you also have to know the etiquette of a casino. It is a very different environment from many other places. Most of the time it comes down to simply being courteous to fellow patrons, but, some things are completely different from most places that you would be in. Here are five things that you should never do in a casino.

Don’t Drink Too Much
This advice is pretty straight forward, don’t drink enough to become belligerent. It is easy to lose track of how much time you have been gambling and drinking, but make sure to maintain a state of mind that enables you to make good decisions. First off, you don’t want to get kicked out and not be able to play anymore and second, you don’t want to ruin everyone else’s experiences.

Make Sure Not To Be On The Phone When Gambling
This is common courtesy when it comes to tables anywhere, but especially when you are at a blackjack table. When you are gambling at any table, you should be paying full attention to everyone at the table including the dealer. When you are talking on the phone, you will not only miss vocal cues, but your fellow patrons will too.

Don’t Film Anything
In the age of Snapchat and Instagram, it may be tempting to pull out your phones and take pictures or videos. Just don’t. Security teams are very serious when it comes to making sure everyone is safe and that the casino is not being stolen from. Even if you are innocently taking pictures for your friends back home, this can be grounds for you to be kicked out of the casino.

Minimum and Maximum Bets
Pay attention to what the minimum and maximum bets are at each table that you go to. You shouldn’t be wasting the dealer’s time by attempting to give them more or less than what the table allows. Paying attention to the clearly posted signs that are posted at each table will ensure that you know what tables you can and can’t play at. If you don’t see any signs that tell you, make sure to ask someone before you sit down and take the place that another patron could be sitting at.

Don’t Allow Yourself To Get Overly Angry
Getting angry at losing money is completely valid, but it needs to be kept to yourself. If you are prone to getting easily frustrated by things like this than it might be best for you to work on maintaining your posture under pressure before coming to the casino. This will ensure that everyone around you still has a great time despite the frustrations that you may have.

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